The functions of the individual elements (concepts, situations, conceptual dimensions or situational context) in the sentence are flexibly represented by the color of the orbit:

Functions of the „Visual Grammar“


As already mentioned, one and the same element can be flexibly represented in different functions. Thus,the capital of Spaincan be depicted isolated as a conceptual group (N⁺, with the color red) and simultaneously in the sentence Madrid, the capital of Spain in the function of conceptual dimension with a yellow orbit that more closely defines the concept Madrid:

A conceptual group (N+) in a dimensional function: f (Aj)

Fig. 28 illustrates further possibilities to express the functions of the individual stars in the sentence by the corresponding color of the orbit (red = conceptual function, blue = situational function, yellow = dimensional function and green = contextual function):

Examples of contextual f (Av), dimensional f (Aj) and conceptual f (N) functions