The term transformation can be understood as a result of languages’ ability to self-create, a process in which a category A is transformed into a category B:

In conceptual transformation, a nominal or conceptual group A (N, or its replacement, a pronoun, n) is changed by a conceptual transformer (tn), into a functional adjective (or functional dimension f (Adj)), or into a functional adverb (or functional context f (Adv)):

The conceptual transformer of transforms the conceptual group (N⁺,the Canary Islands) into the dimensional function f (Adj, from the Canary Islands):

A situational or verbal group (V ⁺) becomes a situational or verbal transformer (tv), or a functional adjective/functional dimension f (Adj), or a functional adverb (or functional context f (Adv)), or a functional concept/noun f (N):


By “colliding” with the conceptual transformer, that, the propositional structure changes as follows: